Kuehn Rental Inventory


Check out our vehicle inventory today to find a rental vehicle that best fits your needs in Rochester, MN, and Austin, MN. We have car rentals, moving trucks and wheelchair accessible vans. Call for more information on our large inventory that will make your trip more comfortable, more functional and even more reliable.


Kuehn Rental | Rochester & Austin, MN

Looking to get away from the Rochester or Austin area for the weekend but don't want to take the SUV or company car? Rent a weekend car or treat yourself to a luxury car such as a convertible or fun sports car. Need a larger car for a long road trip? Kuehn Rental has all of the options available that you may need for long trips, long weekends, short-distance moves or for any other occasion.

Planning a Rochester or Austin-area move?

Kuehn Rental makes moving around easy and affordable.

For short distance moves, Kuehn has premium moving equipment for commercial and residential use. Kuehn also has moving truck rentals available for pick-up and drop-off in Rochester, MN, and Austin, MN. If you're moving a short distance and want to make the move a bit easier, we can help you with a moving truck rental to get the job done all at once.

Kuehn Rental has the vehicle for you!

Accessible vehicles available

Kuehn Rental has specialized wheelchair accessible vans that can make your life a little easier and helpful for a day full of errands and road trips. Whether you're moving across town, need a special van to get everybody to the big game, or want a convertible for that special day, Kuehn Rental has the vehicle for you!